Tobin Lucks & Goldman

  • Researched & selected an HR database.
  • Implemented an HR database.
  • Managed an HR database.

Ventura College computer science program

  • Wrote SQL queries
  • Imported & exported data
  • Wrote C++, VBA, & Java code

Tobin Lucks

  • Managed the implementation of a case management database
  • Programmed SQL templates for the database
  • Managed the database

Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton

  • Worked with a team to integrate the DMS & legal business management (ProLaw) databases with Microsoft Word
  • Programmed VBA customizations for DMS-ProLaw integration
  • Researched, implemented, & managed an MFP-software-DMS integration solution
  • Programmed automation for Microsoft products
  • Imported & exported discovery data
  • Managed databases of the following types: document management (DMS), legal forms, desktop faxing, legal business management, & voicemail
  • Managed email & mobile device servers
  • Wrote security policies & disaster recovery recommendations

Harriet H. Samuelsson Foundation

  • Recommended & implemented paperless system & disaster recovery solution

Debra J. Kay

  • Programmed Microsoft Word automation

Herring Law Group

  • Programmed Microsoft Word automation

Rutgers University master's program

  • Designed, built, & imported data into a home school curricula database
  • Designed, built, & imported data into a digital library for the arts
  • Designed front end interfaces for these databases using HTML, CSS, & PHP

Rutgers University Climate of Publicity

  • Developed the schema for a digital library (content management database)
  • Configured the library
  • Managed the library

Academy of Lore

  • Implemented the home school curricula database I previously designed
  • Configured an open access front end user interface for offline use for this database

Higher Education Syllabi Library

  • Designed a syllabi digital library (content management database)
  • Built the library
  • Managed the library

Hartmann Architecture

  • Designed & implemented database structures to exp& the studio's functionality

Ojai Dental Studio

  • Managed a medical practice database
  • Advised on PCI compliance